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Ok but a tv show with the ladies of marvel but not only do they kick ass on a regular basis and save the world but they also do lots of normal things like have girls nights where they watch chick flicks and talk about boys/girls.

Can you imagine everyone meeting up at Pepper and Tony’s house when he’s away on business and Skye bringing tons of movies (that she hates to admit she loves) and then Sif being like ‘what is this Midgardian magic?’ and Nat being completely relaxed because she trusts the girls with her life (also while giving May advice on Coulson much to May’s annoyance). And Jemma and Skye snuggling on the sofa being all adorable and Jane talking non stop about the movie and facts about it’s production with Darcy telling her to shut up every other second. Then Maria is all like ‘guys shut the hell up’ but no one listens to her because out off all of them everyone thinks she’s the least scary (even after Jane), even though she likes to think she’s tougher than Loki. And May being the one who actually calms everyone down to watch the movie but doing it by bringing in a ton of wine and chocolate. 

But then the girls also do fun stuff like going paintballing. Just imagine a bunch of cocky guys there telling them they should leave because they’re too prissy or something and then they all look at each other and smirk because they know they’re the shit but not saying anything because they’d rather show the misogynistic men how wrong they are.
Then they start up the game and the ladies don’t even have to discuss a plan because they know each other that well. Melinda, Nat and Sif just completely take down the other team while doing awesome flips and jumps and tricks and Skye creeping around to get them with super sneaky shots from behind and Jemma and Jane using their science knowledge to re-programme the paint grenades so that they’re even stronger and Darcy distracting the guys by being all weirdly charming then the other girls shoot them while they’re distracted. 

So yeah, basically just the marvel ladies hanging out doing super mundane things but really amazingly because they’re the marvel ladies


melinda may > ward 2K14

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Okay, so I’ve started working on a fic of sorts based on this Cap!Coulson/WS!May head canon I came up with about two weeks ago and boy, it’s been a while since I’ve done fanfic and I wasn’t sure where to start, so how about the beginning? Like, THE beginning?…

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The prologue is really interesting !! Gripping and fun to read :) I’m really excited to see how it goes !!


Coulson/May Winter Soldier AU

Coulson: “Even when I had nothing, I had Melinda.”

May: “But I knew him…”


No but consider this: 

AU in which Coulson becomes Captain America about ten or so years prior to the events in AoS (because Fury feels that “our country needs its greatest hero NOW those ice drills are taking too damn long” or something) and Bahrain is where May is kidnapped and turned into the Winter Soldier (probably so they could make more super soldiers or something).


Philinda (Melinda May x Phil Coulson) - Unconditionally

P.S. Awesome video! I ship Phil and May and this is the best reflection of my thoughts about this couple!



"John Garrett understood it the moment he was injected the same drug that saved you. He had visions. He started carving those visions onto the wall." (x)